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Wood Fired Pizza

The Great Story Of Our Culinary Journey

Step by step we discovered the beauty of neapolitan pizza and how complex such a simple product can be. Right from the begining we started to travel to Naples in search of products and recipes. We discovered a hole a new world where we had the chance to work with neapolitan pizzaiolos and learn their “secrets”.

Fresh Italian Products

Neapolitan pizza is not just a simple dish, it’s a way of living, a story of generations of pizzaiolos, mozzarella or pomodori producers. Every ingredient in our pizza is telling a story of some pasionate producer from Campania region. We are very proud that all our products that we use are brought fresh, directly by us from Italy.

Camionetta Food Truck

Every food truck has his own story, even if we talk about our delicate french Citroen H-Van built in 1956, our first Land Rover Defender that we brought all the way from Netherland or the massive 7,5 tone custom build food truck that has a 2,5 tone wood fired oven onboard made by a neapolitan artisan.

Our three legendary food trucks are serving different recipes of wood fired neapolitan pizza at parties, private and corporate events, street food events, food courts, small, medium or major music festivals.

Camionetta is now part of Untold Festival, Neversea, Electric Castle, Summer Well, Awake Festival, Craft Beer Festival, Street Food Festival, Bucharest Street Food Carnival, Forta ZU, Femei pe Matasari, Spatiul M60 or Mercato Comunale.

Camionetta Carnivale Food Market

Starting 2019, Camionetta – Pizza e Altre Cose concept is part Carnivale Food Market, which is one of a kind project developed by Fratelli Group. Carnivale Food Market is open daily for lunch and dinner at Timpuri Noi Square. Great food vendors, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful people and great music makes Carnivale Food Market a perfect hangout.

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Gradina Baneasa

All year long hideout in the heart of Baneasa Forest, great summer terrace with artisanal beer, fizzy cocktails, ultra relaxed atmosphere and music, kids & pet friendly.

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Mamizza – Mother Of Pizza

Our first proper pizzeria built together with our friends from Kane Group. We can call this our home, the place where pizza magic happens. Our creativity reaches here the maximum level with lots of neo – neapolitan pizza recipes, classic pizzas, appetizers and even fresh pasta. Here you can find out the beautiful story behind every ingredient, enjoy a nice glass of italian wine or a hip cocktail.

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